How to setup ElasticSearch with Replication on a Windows Azure Availability set of VMs

Installing Elastic Search

If you wonder why we care about availability sets you better read here

Now to the final ingredient of our uber stack of technologies that will form the foundation of our awesome new product ;), ElasticSearch. Installing ElasticSearch is a quite straightforward process, you just download a binary file and run it, although as we’ll see below running ElasticSearch on a multi-node environment and especially on a cloud infrastructure like Azure, is a bit more complicated process.

Running ElasticSearch in a Multicast friendly environment in a multi-node setup is also a straightforward process that involves mainly the proper configuration of your individual nodes together with setting in the configuration a cluster name that will be used for auto-discovery, after that you run all your nodes and ElasticSearch does its magic and the nodes will join your cluster. But this can happen only in environments that multicast is supported, in Windows Azure Multicast is not supported and thus we cannot rely on it for auto-discovery.

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